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"Light streaming, light streaming, making my Firechild grow.
Light streaming, light streaming, making my Firechild glow.
Firechild sing, Firechild dance, Firechild you'll be mine.
Firechild sing, Firechild dance, Firechild you are mine."

Sitting in a Sacred council around the Fire connects us to the Spirit of Fire, to ourselves, to each other, and to all the ones who have set around the Fire before us, and will sit around the Fire after us. Grandparent Fire is a great teacher and offers the fastest transformation and teachings.

During our Community Fire Ceremonies, we step into gratitude, set our intentions, create safe and Sacred space, and light the Fire with the song of honoring and invocation of the Fire Spirit. Throughout the ceremony, we cocreate with the plant people. Their giveaway allows us to have Fire, and to release all that does not serve us any more and bring our intentions to the Fire for transmutation. We feed our energy centers with the light of the Fire, and we blow our wishes and messages for Pachamama (Earth Mother) into the Pachamama stick to be released by placing the Stick into the Fire.

This is the time to be together in ceremony, share and exchange experiences and wisdom. Fire brings us closer together, and helps us honor all the forces in our lives that support and guide us on our journeys.

If you feel called to join us, please reach out at to be added to the contact list to receive emails with the dates and times for the ceremonies.

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