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Hello Everyone!

We created this page to give you an opportunity to get to know a bit about us. Our ayllu (community) met while attending different online courses over the past few years. Since January 7, 2021 we have been meeting weekly, on Saturdays and Mondays to be with each other in ceremony, to share, practice different tools for personal and collective healing, and support with love each other, our beautiful world and beyond. We have also been meeting on Fridays to hold intentions for anyone who wants us to do it. As we got to know each other, and discovered our shared vision of dreaming into being the world of Munay (unconditional love), peace, safety, beauty, and ayni (the right relationship with all inside of us and outside of us), we co-created different ways to share our experiences and support others in their journey of personal healing and into cocreating.


As we have been gathering, getting to know each other, healing together, supporting each other, and trusting each other, we agreed that the safe and Sacred space that we have created with each other comes from all of us respecting and embodying the Great principles of Munay-Ki as Alberto and Marcela shared with us:

  1. Nonviolence: When we practice non-violence, we create peace.

  2. Truthfulness: When we speak the truth, everything we say becomes so.

  3. Integrity: When we practice integrity, we repair the world, and it becomes whole.

  4. Moderation: When we live with moderation, we preserve our life force and live a long and healthy life, and we can be of service.

  5. Generosity: When we live in generosity everything comes to us in ayni.


We hope to meet you all and dream this world into being together!

Korana Stipetic.jpg

Hi everyone, my name is Korana Stipetic (pronounced "Kor-ah-nah Stee-peh-teech). I am excited to meet you all to share our personal and collective wisdom and experiences with love, compassion, and gentleness in service of creating a world of balanced relationships and love with all life on this beautiful Earth and beyond.  I work as a veterinarian, Reiki Master, Munay-Ki and Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, and was lucky to receive certifications in professional programs focused on personal growth and collaboration. With gratitude and love to my teachers stone, plant, animal, and human family, Wind Daughter, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos, the Four Winds Society ayllu, Barbara Ann Brennan’s school of healing, many others, and all of you I am learning to dream the world of love and ayni, the right relationship within and all around us into being ! 

Language support: Croatian, English

Email Korana at

Korana Stipetic (USA, Croatia)

Weiwei 2.jpg

Weiwei Zhao (Germany)

Weiwei Zhao is a writing therapist and a shamanic healer who walked her path by transforming her own sufferings into a rich medicine that goes beyond the intellectual knowing. Weiwei feels deeply connected to the divine feminine and is inspired to share creative wisdom with anyone who is ready to experience change in their lives, discover inner power and inner wisdom, and experience true freedom. 

Language Support: Chinese, German

Email Weiwei at

For more information, please visit the Telegram channel:

Barbara 2 11-28-2021.jpg

Barbara accompanies people who want to maintain and improve their health. For more than 10 years she has been passing on her knowledge, her experience and enthusiasm for the body-mind-soul concept “Indian Balance®“ with the mantra “Move your body while your soul rests“ to wide audiences. As a health coach, Munay-Ki and Energy Medicine practitioner, Barbara passes on her experiences from the depths of her heart to all those who are open to explore their own wisdom and to follow their intuition.

Language Support: German

Email Barbara at

Barbara Lechner (Austria)

Rebecca 2 11-28-2021.jpg

Rebecca is a certified Shamanic Healing practitioner studying with Julie Wise and Greg Horner, the Four Winds and Sandra Ingerman. She is a Reiki and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, under the guidance of Fay Bailey and Aromatic Indian Head Massage ITHMA and Reflexology practitioner. Encompassing 35 years of experience, Rebecca works intuitively, offering a safe space in which to explore ways to come back into balance, wholeness and to live a fulfilling and joyful life. Her love of nature and wildflowers led her to begin painting them, working alongside her father in their studio. She is a member of the Lake Artists Society, Kendal Arts Society and her paintings are in private collections around the world. Rebecca is always seeking to expand her knowledge through personal experience and deepening her spiritual connections through nature.

Language Support: UK English 

Email Rebecca at

For more information, please visit

Rebecca Darbishire (UK)

Lilian 11-29-2021_edited.jpg

Lilian’s ancestors were indigenous people from the North of Sweden and Finland. Many of them were shamans, healers, fortunetellers, musicians, and artists. Lilian has their energy in and with her. She holds degrees in Art and Iconography, Health Consultant Education, Herbalism, Reiki, and Shamanic courses with the Four Winds Society and Sandra Ingerman. Lilian is an artist and a teacher of art and Iconography, a practicing shaman, medium, tarot reader, healer, and an herbalist. She is a Munay-Ki practitioner who helps people with love and understanding of their journeys. As a Seer, Lilian works with the guidance of Spirits and Angels and shares her services with people and our lovely animal companions.

Language Support: Swedish

Email Lilian at

Lilian Jonsson (Sweden)

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