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Our team's vision is to cocreate a safe and Sacred space for everyone to discover their wisdom, express who they are in the moment, to feel connected, supported, loved, and together dream into being peace, Munay, beauty, and ayni for all. We cocreate together with nonviolence, truthfulness, integrity, moderation, and generosity in mind.  

  • When we practice non-violence, we create peace.

  • When we speak the truth, everything we say becomes so.

  • When we practice integrity, we repair the world, and it becomes whole.

  • When we live with moderation, we preserve our life force, so that we can be of service.

  • When we live in generosity everything comes to us in ayni.

 We hope to meet you all and dream this world into being together!

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Hi everyone. I work as a teacher, veterinarian, shamanic energy medicine practitioner and a dance coach. I am truly inspired by the relationships we can build with the stone, plant, and animal families, with each other, the human family, and with the Spirits of everything that surrounds us. I am deeply grateful to my teachers who showed me that everything is Sacred. Living life connected to all helped me on my healing journey and in finding my path in this life. I have learned from these connections that in community we learn, heal, grow, and show up to be of service. This is why I am dedicated to building communities that support each other in life, and in discovering and growing our own ways of being in service and cocreating the world of peace, beauty, love and ayni. I am looking forward to meeting you. 

Language support: Croatian, English

Email Korana at

Korana Stipetic, DVM  

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Weiwei Zhao 

Weiwei Zhao is a writing therapist, a shamanic energy medicine practitioner, a processing facilitator, and traveler of the unseen worlds and a world within, who walked her path by transforming her own sufferings into a rich medicine that goes beyond body, emotion, thoughts, words, concept, culture, and religion. Living fully in the present moment and deeply connecting with inside of her and all around her are an ongoing life process upon her evolutionary journey back home into her heart.

Language Support: Chinese, German

Email Weiwei at

For more information, please visit the Telegram channel:

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Barbara Lechner is a dedicated health coach and shamanice energy medicine practitioner, whose journey, inspired by a personal physical challenge, led her to embrace the wisdom of nature and discover inner harmony. With a deep connection to the wisdom of nature, she empowers others with her open heart to find well-being and authenticity, guiding them on a path to vitality and a balanced, peaceful life.

Language Support: German

Email Barbara at

Barbara Lechner 

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Rebecca is a certified Shamanic Healing practitioner studying with Julie Wise and Greg Horner, the Four Winds and Sandra Ingerman. She is a Reiki and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, under the guidance of Fay Bailey and Aromatic Indian Head Massage ITHMA and Reflexology practitioner. Encompassing 35 years of experience, Rebecca works intuitively, offering a safe space in which to explore ways to come back into balance, wholeness and to live a fulfilling and joyful life. Her love of nature and wildflowers led her to begin painting them, working alongside her father in their studio. She is a member of the Lake Artists Society, Kendal Arts Society and her paintings are in private collections around the world. Rebecca is always seeking to expand her knowledge through personal experience and deepening her spiritual connections through nature.

Language Support: UK English 

Email Rebecca at

For more information, please visit

Rebecca Darbishire 

Lilian 11-29-2021_edited.jpg

Lilian’s ancestors were indigenous people from the North of Sweden and Finland. Many of them were shamans, healers, fortunetellers, musicians, and artists. Lilian has their energy in and with her. She holds degrees in Art and Iconography, Health Consultant Education, Herbalism, Reiki, and Shamanic courses with the Four Winds Society and Sandra Ingerman. Lilian is an artist and a teacher of art and Iconography, a practicing shaman, medium, tarot reader, healer, and an herbalist. She is a Munay-Ki practitioner who helps people with love and understanding of their journeys. As a Seer, Lilian works with the guidance of Spirits and Angels and shares her services with people and our lovely animal companions.

Language Support: Swedish

Email Lilian at

Lilian Jonsson 

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