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  1. About Neurodiversity 

  2. Shamanic Energy Medicine: Marcela Lobos, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and a loving team of teachers from the Four Winds Society and Marcela Lobos Website 

  3. Earth Peoples Medicine: Grandmother Wind Daughter

  4. Energy Healing: Barbara Ann Brennan School of Healing 

  5. Earth Healing / Geomancy: Marko Pogacnik 

  6. Healing Through Meditation and much more: Adrian Predrag Kezele 

  7. Inner Family Systems Transformative psychotherapy

  8. Jungian Psychoanalysis C.G. Jung Institute 

  9. Astrology: Rev. Alice Miller, Lifeprint Astrology

  10. Feng Shui: Karen Rauch Carter

  11. Discovering Your Uniqueness: Ra Uru Hu, Jovian Archive, Human Design

  12. The Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA: Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

  13. Shadow Work, Healing through Integration, Frequency Paintings: Teal Swan

  14. Healing for Complex PTSD: Lisa Schwarz, Comprehensive Resource Model

  15. Feldenkrais Access

  16. Emotional Code Practitioners

  17. Hanna Somatics

  18. Bach Remedies

  19. Extraction crystals:

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