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Shamanic Energy Medicine Apprenticeship





I would like to start by saying thank you to all my teachers who shared their teachings with me and prepared me to offer my services to all. To read about them please visit the Giving Thanks page.
This journey is called an apprenticeship, because it offers time and space for participants to truly immerse themselves into the practices and teachings of each direction of the Medicine Wheel. ​The teachings and practices in this journey are an integrated body of wisdom that I received from Slavic, North American and South American medicine people, from Spirit, Pachamama, Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the lineages, elements, and all other forces, and from my training as a veterinarian and an energy medicine practitioner.

There are 2 Journey Around the Wheel Apprenticeships:

  • Uncovering the Oneness Within, focusing more on personal healing, and

  • Stepping Into Service, focusing more on developing skills to offer services to others.


Uncovering the Oneness Within

The Journey starts by building the Medicine Wheel!

The Medicine Wheel is a circle that represents the circular nature of the cycles of the universe, of our Earth Mother, and the cycles in our own lives and our lifetimes. It also represents the Oneness, unity of everything. 


The journey is about “Uncovering the Oneness Within”. It is a journey of personal healing and gathering skills to share with others. It is a journey of remembering our true nature, and a journey of turning our wounds, our pain and suffering into compassion, kindness, and Munay, universal love for ourselves and others. It reminds us that we are inseparabely interconnected with everything around us,  Spirit, Earth Mother, all her children, the Stone People, Plant People, Animal Family and our Human Family, and all the nature. As we bring down the walls that we built around our hearts to protect ourselves from pain, we become lighter, and closer to our pure essence that is in ayni, the right relationship with all.


It is about living life with a good heart, good mind, and good actions!

Tuku Llankay Niyok, Tuku Munay Niyok, Tuku Yachay Niyok

Our Journey is also supported by the gifts of the Munay-Ki Rites, the body of wisdom that Dr. Alberto Villoldo received from his mentors from Peru, that he modified and adapted to modern way of learning and healing.



Training will happen weekly, live over Zoom on the day and time decided by our group, over 10 months.

I would like to support you, answer your questions and work with you as you learn and develop your skills. The prerecorded videos, handouts and live call recordings and notes will be available on the website, as well as a group chat to connect and share the experiences and organize practice sessions. 


  • Each week, between 5 and 7 recordings with slides will be posted on our website.

  • We will meet weekly for 2 and a half hours for live calls during which we will discuss the material and practice either as a group or in smaller groups or pairs in breakout rooms.

  • Recommended practice time with other participants will be at your own pace. I strongly recommend performing 10 illuminations, extractions, Soul Retrievals and Destiny Retrievals on your colleagues to acquire experience to work with clients.

  • Daily individual practices are also recommended to:

    • Create Sacred space in you and around you.​

    • Grow your relationship with your tools and with the helpers in the visible and the invisible world.

    • Assist with your own healing and growth.

  • Recommended Readings and Recordings outside of class materials.

  • Minimum time per week: 10 - 12 hours

Taking Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing would be beneficial!


Stepping Into Service

Stepping into Service Apprenticeship is a continuation of training that you received during Uncovering the Oneness Within Apprenticeship, which is a requirement. You will have an opportunity to attend all live calls with the ayllu attending the Uncovering the Oneness Within Apprenticeship, and you will receive additional material and training focused on further developing your skills as a Shamanic Energy Practitioner.


  • Weekly live calls with the Uncovering the Oneness Withing ayllu

  • Once per month live call for ayllu taking the Stepping into Service Apprenticeship

  • Access to Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing (fall) and Munay-Ki Practitioner (spring) Trainings



  • You will have access to all the materials from both apprenticeships, and Munay-Ki trainings for the duration of training and 1 year after the end of training.


  • 18 months - ten months of Uncovering the Oneness Withing Apprenticeship and additional 6 months to attend Munay-Ki trainings and have access to personal support as you step into the medicine.s


Journey Around the Wheel
Uncovering the Oneness Within

JAW 2024 Schedule.jpg


Journey Around the Wheel, Uncovering the Oneness Within (10 months):

  • Supporter (sponsor): $1000 per month or if paid in full $9700 for complete training

  • Standard rate: $800 per month or if paid in full $7800 for complete training

  • Community builder: $600 per month or if paid in full $5900 for complete training

  • Economic hardship: $400 per month or if paid in full $4000 for complete training

  • Scholarship (limited number)

The first payment is due on 1/15/2024 via PayPal

Please email me at with any questions, suggestions, comments.

Journey Around the Wheel, Stepping into Service (18 months):

  • Standard rate: $500 per month or if paid in full $8500 for complete training

  • Economic hardship: $300 per month or if paid in full $500 for complete training

The first payment is due on 1/15/2024 via PayPal

Please email me at with any questions, suggestions, comments.

Thank you for helping to birth this beautiful medicine into the world.

With much Munay, Korana



  • Creating Sacred Space

    • Creating Sacred space, Thanksgiving and Cleansing Tools and Practices (Florida Water, Smudging Blessing, other)

    • Giving Thanks

    • Practice of Intention

    • Creating Sacred space by invoking the Guardians and Keepers of the Seven Directions

    • Expanding Wiracocha

Today's Thanksgiving

  • Building, Activating and Working with an Altar

  • Building, Honoring, and Working with the Medicine Wheel

  • Offerings (Tobacco, Corn Meal, Despacho, Grandma Moon, Orishas, other)

  • Fire Ceremony with Giveaway (Tobacco, Death Arrow, Prayer Ties, other)

Sacred Fire Ceremony Recording

  • The Sand Painting

  • Resetting Fight/Flight/Freeze/Collapse Response

  • Grounding

    • Stepping Outside

    • Fire Breath

    • The Heart Connection (Heart to Heart to Heart) Practice

      • Heart of Pachamama, Our Hearts, Heart of the Universe

  • Clearing and Balancing the Energy Field

    • Expanding Our Core Star

    • Balancing the Hara

    • Clearing and Aligning the Chakras

      • Through Movement

      • With Colors

      • With the Elements

        • Elements Bath

        • Liquid light

        • Rainbow light

  • Integration of the Foundation Munay-Ki Rites

    • Feeding the Three Centers

    • Band of Power

    • Connecting with the Archetypes in our Chakras

    • Activating Kawak

  • Dialog and Working with our Soul parts, and all the invisible helpers

  • Tracking and clearing the energy field from the intrusive energies and cords (with Crystals, Smoke, Eggs, Fire, other)=

  • Journeying

  • Divinations (Cards, Stones, Plants, Animal scrying, other)

Some qualities, archetypes, and practices are shown on the image below.
The Medicine Wheel template is from the book
Dancing with the Wheel by Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan.

Medicine Wheel JAW 2023.jpg
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