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Dear ayllu, welcome to our Intention Circles page. Our intention circles meet weekly on Fridays at 2pm ET for about an hour.

We receive requests for intentions/prayers, we create a slide with an image of a person(s)/animal/situation ... the request is for, and we create an intention. We share the slide with the requestor for approval and then we meet and for about 10 min hold intention for that request.

If you have a prayer request, please email us at

This practice is based on Lynne McTaggart's Power of Eight intentions.


Everyone is welcome to join. Please use this Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 872 3466 5025
Passcode: 711626

If you would like to hold intentions on your own please email Korana at to get the password for the Intention SLIDES page. You can press on the image and the gallery will open so that you can scroll from one slide to another! The slides on the website are a select few. Please  hold the intention for about 10 min! When we meet we usually play the

Cho Ku Rei 10 Minute Power of Eight Timer that is timed for 10 min.

Thank you and much Munay to you all!

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