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Dear ayllu (community, family),

We are reaching out to ask for your support of our vision of bringing healing, support and community to everyone interested, independent of their ability to pay for healing services and/or teachings. Earthkeepers Spirit is a collaborative vision of multiple people from around the world, who came together to build a community that supports each other, their communities, and all life on this beautiful planet.

Our services include:

  • Weekly online community gatherings on Mondays and Wednesdays. We support each other, other communities, and global efforts. We exchange wisdom and practices and together dream a world into being that is in ayni, in the right relationship with all life, for all future generations.

  • Weekly Intention Circles based on Lynne McTaggart’s model.

  • Private sessions are designed to guide and support people on their journey of personal healing and for the ones interested, their growth into the service to others. Each session is based on the intent of the person receiving healing, and might include resetting fight or flight, grounding meditations and journeys, releasing trauma-based stories and original wounds, working with our shadow, rewriting contracts, balancing energy field, clearing it from intrusive energies and relationship cords, and soul and destiny retrievals.

  • Death rites are offered to all in need, our human and animal family. 

  • Teachings include workshops in practices for personal healing, Munay-Ki training, and workshops to support people who support others in their personal healing.

  • Our ayllu (community, family) meets on Saturdays and Mondays weekly

Please visit website for more information!

All services are offered on a sliding scale. Compensation is never expected for death rites and intention circles. If you are interested in sponsoring this effort, please use this  PayPal account.

​Thank you for helping to birth this healing into the world and please reach out by emailing Korana at if you ever feel that you, your loved ones, or anyone else might benefit from any of these services!

With love,

Earthkeepers Spirit Team​

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