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THANK YOU EVERYONE for creating safe and Sacred community space, for caring for each other, for our plant, animal, and stone relatives, for sharing in transformational ceremonies, connecting to Mother Earth, Spirit, and all the Helpers, Thank you for cocreating together a beautiful Sacred Stone Peoples Lodge and the Medicine Wheel that helped us honor our teachers and Wisdomkeepers, each other, and all the forces that support us. Thank you for sharing in the wisdom and beauty of the Munay-Ki Rites that upgraded our Energy Field and guided us into dreaming into Being the world of peace, love,                                                                                                safety, beauty and harmony with ourselves, and all our relatives!

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With much love from our hearts to yours,
Barbara, Becky, Korana, Lia, and Weiwei

Beautiful Memories in Images and Videos
Thank you Werner and Andy for your gifts of visual art!

Smudging 1.jpg


Despacho 1.jpg

Smudging Blessing

Smudging 2.jpg
Smudging 3.jpg

Community Altar


Personal Altars - Mesas

Community Altar.jpg

Building the Sacred Stone Peoples Lodge
and Honoring the Life of the Tree Saplings
who gave their Lives for our Healing!

Speaking to the Saplings.jpg

Speaking to the tree samplings and asking who wants to come and giveaway for the building of the
Sacred Stone Peoples Lodge.


THANK YOU PLANT FAMILY for trusting us to honor your giveaway and your teachings
and share them with others!

Community cocreating with the plant family, Pachamama, and each other!


Creating Prayer Ties for the Circle

Creating Prayer Ties for the Sacred Circle.jpg

Starting the Fire and Getting Ready for the Sweat Lodge Ceremony 
with the Firekeeper tending to Grandfather Fire

Sacred Stone Peoples Lodge.jpg

The Feather Teaching

Building and Honoring The Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel.jpg

The Munay-Ki Rites

Attunement to Hampe Karpay
The Healer's Rite
What is healing for me?


Altar for Kisma Karpay, The Rite of the Womb

The Rite of the Womb Altar.jpg
Kisma Karpay Altar.jpg

Archetypal Fire Ceremony to Invite Otorongo, the Jaguar into our Lives

Around the Fire.jpeg

Pampa Mesayok  Karpay - The Daykeepers Rite
A day with the Waters to Connect with the Feminine and experience the Energy Field

Pampa MesayokTrip.jpeg
Energy Field.jpg
Pampa Altar_edited.jpg

Smudging Blessing from a Young One

Smudging Blessing Teaching the Yound One.jpeg
Energy Field 2.jpg

Attunement to Pampa Mesayok  Karpay - The Daykeepers Rite
Creating an Offering to the Waters for all the pro
secuted in Kumberg Community

Legs and the Offering.jpeg
Offering to the Waters.jpeg
Waters 2.jpg

Attunement to Mosoq  Karpay - The Starkeepers Rite of The Rite of Time to Come
Tunning into energy of the Medicine Wheel

Attunement to Mosoq Karpay at the Medicine Wheel 2.jpg
Attunement to Mosoq Karpay at the Medicine Wheel.jpg
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