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We invite you to join us to explore and experience SHAMANIC TOOLS FOR HEALING ON 4 LEVELS OF PERCEPTION, our physical bodies, our mind and emotions, our Soul, and our energy field. When we heal on all levels, we retrieve our wholeness, and restore our light. Through the light of our Core essence, we are always connected to Oneness, the energy of the Creation, of everything, everywhere. In that connection, we understand that we are inseparably interconnected with the visible and invisible world, supported, guided, and whole; we just need to remove all the defenses that we created to protect our wounds and fears.


  • The workshop will be held in English language with German and Croatian clarifications as needed.

  • We will share in Sacred Ceremonies with gratitude and intentions.

  • We will connect and build relationships with:

    • Each other to build a loving and safe community.

    • Stone people, plant people, and animal family that offer us their  healing wisdom and guidance through shamanic journeying.

    • Invisible forces that support and guide us on our journey.


Sacred Pipe

  • With the support of these ceremonies, visible and invisible forces, and  with each other we will:

    • Heal our physical body, mind, Soul, and energy field through using these and other shamanic energy medicine tools and practices.

      • Discover how our reality is fed by stories that we build around our traumas.

      • Transmute and release those stories, so that we are not fed with the information that does not serve us anymore.

    • Upgrade our energy field with Hampe Karpay, the Healer's Rite of Munay-Ki that will awaken our inner  healer and connect us to Hampe lineage of medicine people who guide and support us on our healing journey.

    • Move our bodies with Cuban dances Casino and Rueda de casino by honoring and invoking the Orishas,   West African Ifá/Òrìṣà tradition, Cuban Lucumí/Santería and Brazilian Candomblé and Umbanda traditions.

    • Dream into Being together, the world of peace, love, and harmony with ourselves, and all our relatives!

You will be supported by the Earthkeepers Spirit Team members, Barbara, and Korana.
To find out more about us please visit
Meet the Team page.


Please email us at with anyquestions, comments, or suggestions!

For event notices, media, and community participation please visit our: 

What will you need?

We will provide:

  • Ceremonial tools.

    • Candles / matches 

    • Wooden sticks / Toothpicks

    • Smudging Herbs

    • A 3-month free access to teachings and practices notes and recordings on our website. See examples: Materials page

Suggestions on what to bring:

  • Your ceremonial tools.

    • Your ceremonial tools such as rattle, drum, your Smudging        Herbs or Spirit water.

    • Your Mesa if you are a Mesa carrier – Khuya Party!!!

    • Your Sacred Pipe if you are a Pipe carrier – Our Pipes can celebrate being together!

    • Notebook / journal / paper and pen

    • Slippers or thick socks to wear in the workshop space.

    • A pillow, blanket, or a mat to sit on. There are chairs and small, thin pillows available in Studio Mix.

  • If you would like to build your own Medicine Wheel altar, please bring 36 smaller stones, and a tray or a plate to create the Wheel on. You can cover the tray with a cloth.

  • Slippers or thick socks to wear in the workshop space. 

  • A pillow, blanket, or a mat (carimat) to sit on. There are chairs and small, thin pillows available in Studio Mix.

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Korana's Mesa

Thank you for visiting! We hope to see you soon,

Barbara, Korana, and Weiwei

Medicine Wheel Altar

Medicine Wheel as Altar.jpg
Medicine Wheel as Altar 2.jpg


Package Includes 

  • Weekend of love-filled ceremonies, teachings, and practices,  in an amazing teaching space.

  • Workshop is donation based for the Veterans of the Homeland War.


Package Does Not Include

  • Accommodation, travel, and meals. 


Pricing for the weekend:

  • Veterans of the Homeland War - DONATION ON SITE

  • Returning member: $250

  • Early bird: $280 until December 1, 2023

  • Final: $300



  • AT THE EVENT on December 16 at 10:15 am


Dear Jasmina, we are deeply grateful to be able to share this beautiful and peaceful space. We are excited to spend time together and with the energy of this special place! Thank you so much for opening it to us!

  • Address:

    • Studio Mix, Ilica 196, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska (Croatia)




  • Getting to Zagreb

    • By Plane: The capital of Croatia is well connected to other major Croatian and European cities: in fact, the Zagreb airport is the biggest airport in Croatia. The airport is located 17 km southeast of the city center, reaching town takes about about 30 minutes with the frequent operating airport bus or 25 minutes with Taxi.

    • By Train: You can travel to Zagreb by train from numerous cities in Europe, such as Munich, Graz, and many others. The railway station in Zagreb is located 1 km walk from the main square, it can be easily reached with a tram from most parts of Zagreb.

    • By Bus: You can easily reach Zagreb by bus from other European cities because, as a capital, it is very well connected. There are direct bus lines to Zagreb from Ljubljana, Vienna, Berlin and Trieste, to name but a few.The main bus station in Zagreb is located at Avenija Marina Držića 4; the exact location on the map can be found here. To get to the city center from the main bus station, you can take the tram nr. 6 which connects the main bus station and Ban Jelacic Square.

  • Public transportation, getting around in Zagreb

    • Trams and buses:Public transport in Zagreb is mostly operated by ZET company (Zagreb electric tram) which manages the tram and bus network, as well as the cable car and funicular. There are 134 day bus lines and 4 night lines. While trams are the most popular means of transport in the centre of Zagreb, buses cover better the suburban parts of the city. You can find all the information like e.g prices for  public transport in Zagreb here.

    • Taxi: If you need a taxi, we recommend Taxi Cammeo, which is the most affordable option in town. The starting price is a little less than one euro, and each following kilometer will cost you an on euro. You can call them on the phone: +385 (1) 1212, or order a taxi via their application.

    • Bike: Zagreb is a bike-friendly city, which means that there are many options available when it comes to renting a bike. There is a bike-sharing network called Nextbike: you can simply download the app on your phone and use it to rent a bike and return it when you don’t need it anymore. The activation fee is around 15 euro, and it can be used as a credit for bike rentals. Make sure to return the bike on time, because if you do not return it after 24 hours of use you will be charged an additional fee.

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