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10 DAY


Munay-Ki Rites open our hearts and help us discover and choose beauty in our lives.

In the hectic world, we find stillness, silence between the waves, and we find kindness, compassion, and a sense of service to ourselves, to others, and to this beautiful world we live in.

10-Day Munay-Ki Blessings are offered quarterly, four times every year, in January, April, July, and October.

Each day, we will meet live on Zoom, from 12 pm until 1 pm ET.

If you must miss a day, a recording will be available to you on the same day.

We will get together again from Friday, July 26, 2024 until Sunday, August 4, 2024.

What to expect?

Every live call will include:

  • Smudging Blessing with the invitation to step into Gratitude and set the intention for the event. 

  • Creating Sacred Space and expending our Wiracocha

  • Short introduction to the Rite.

  • Attunement to the Rite.

  • Gifting of the Rite.

  • Integration of the Rite and suggestions on how to grow the seeds of the Rite.


  • Day 1, May 31: Hampe Karpay, the Healer's Rite, will awaken your inner healer and connect you to the Lineage of Hampe medicine people.

  • Day 2, June 1: Chumpi Karpay, the Bands of Power, will connect you to the 5 elements, the earth, water, fire, air, and the ether, balance the elements within, with the elements outside, and create a cocoon of protection.

  • Day 3, June 2: Ayni Karpay, the Harmony Rite, will install 7 Sacred archetypes into your energy field, to upgrade your instincts, and help you make healthy choices in your life, empowered by their wisdom.

  • Day 4, June 3: Kawak Karpay, the Seer's Rite, will expand your vision and connect it to your heart, so you will see yourself and others with a good heart and a good mind.

  • Day 5, June 4: Kisma Karpay, the Rite of the Womb, will connect you to Kisma lineage of women who have freed themselves from fear and will invite you to do the same.

  • Day 6, June 5: Pampa Mesayok Karpay, the Daykeeper's Rite, will invite you to expand your heart and your service from yourself to communities around you. It will connect you deeply to our Earth Mother and her wisdom.

  • Day 7, June 6: Alto Mesayok Karpay, the Wisdomkeeper's Rite, will connect you to YOUR wisdom place in nature, and invite you to expand the journey of growing your wisdom!

  • Day 8, June 7: Kurak Akuyek Karpay, the Earthkeeper's Rite, will expand your heart even more, to see and feel the inseparable interconnectedness with everything on Mother Earth and invite you to grow your stewardship of our amazing planet.

  • Day 9, June 8: Mosoq Karpay, the Rite of the Time to Come or Starkeeper's Rite, will lift you beyond our Pachamama and to the Stars, to expand your heart and your consciousness to the luminosity of the cosmos.

  • Day 10, June 9: Taitanchis Rantis, the Creation Rite, will invite you to consider yourself as a Creator/Creatress, and guide you to consider what you have been creating and dismantling in your life on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

For more information on Munay-Ki, please visit Munay-Ki Training page.


10-Day Munay-ki Blessings is offered for $10 per day,
or $100 for the full 10 days of blessings!

If you are a current of former student you are eligible for a 50% discount.
Please reach out via email to register!


Munay-Ki in Olympia's Life

Munay-Ki in Rebecca's Life

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