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After sharing an amazing experience with our community in Austria in May 2023, we decided to set an intention to cocreate TRANSFORMATION THROUGH SHAMANIC WISDOM, Journey of Self Discovery, Connection, and Expression in 2024 with the stone, plant, animal, and human family on the wild and amazing ISLAND OF CRES in Croatia!
And they all answered our call! 
The heart shaped bay ❤️ that frames the small villages of Miholaščica, Martinščica, and Zaglav, on the Croatian island of Cres spoke to our hearts about discovering and expressing ourselves and on how to be in ayni (the right relationship) with each other and the stone, plant, and animal species of the island. With gratitude and excitement for this collaboration we invite you to explore this page and feel whether this is a journey
for you, your family, and your friends!



Package Includes 

  • 11 love-filled days of exploring and experiencing shamanic wisdom, Friday, May 17, until Monday, May 27, 2024

  • Ceremonies, teachings, practices with different tools, teaching space, lunches for 9 days (soup, salad, bread)

  • There is NEVER  a charge for Sacred Stone Peoples Lodge, Medicine Wheel and Sacred Pipe ceremonies; these events are donation based.

  • Complete training is donation based for the Veterans of the Homeland War.


Package Does Not Include

  • Accommodation, travel, and other costs (such as workshops with the local herbalists, and boat rides to local Blue cave, and smaller islands, etc) 


Pricing for the returning ayllu (community members):

  • Veterans of the Homeland War: DONATION ON SITE

  • Early bird: 780 until March 31, 2023

  • Final: 980

Pricing for new ayllu (community members):

  • Veterans of the Homeland War: DONATION ON SITE

  • Early bird: 980 until March 31, 2023

  • Final: 1180


Our vision is to create a safe and Sacred space for you to discover and express who you are in that moment, and to help you connect with yourself, each other and to feel yourself as an inseparable part of everything around you. You will receive tools and practices to meet that vision and go back home with the tools that will help you be yourself, maintain those connections, and learn to recognize when you step out of this balance. 

What to expect?

  • The gathering will be held in English language with German, Croatian, and Chinese clarifications as needed.

  • We will share in Sacred Ceremonies with gratitude and intentions.

  • We will connect and build relationships with:

    • Each other to build a loving and safe community.

    • Stone people, plant people, and animal family that offer us their  healing wisdom and guidance.

    • Invisible forces that support and guide us on our journey.

  • With the support of these ceremonies, visinle and invisible forces, and          with each other we will:

    • Heal our physical body, mind, Soul, and energy field through using these and other shamanic energy medicine tools and practices.

      • Shed the stories that we build around our traumas.

      • Release those stories, so that we are not fed with the information that does not serve us anymore.

      • Befriend our light and dark shadow and transmute intrusive energies that inform our energy field with the harmful contracts.

      • Clear and balance our energy field, and upgrade it with all              10 Rites of Munay-Ki.

      • Practice creating Sand paintings to release and create our new, healed reality.

    • Move our bodies with Cuban dances Casino and Rueda de casino by honoring and invoking the Orishas, West African Ifá/Òrìṣà tradition, Cuban Lucumí/Santería and Brazilian Candomblé and Umbanda traditions.

    • Dream into Being together, the world of peace, love,  and harmony with ourselves, and all our relatives!


Sacred Pipe

Smudge Bowls with White Sage

Sacred Stone Peoples Lodge

Medicine Wheel




You will be supported by the Earthkeepers Spirit Team members, Barbara, Korana, and Weiwei.
To find out more about us please visit
Meet the Team page.


Please email us at with anyquestions, comments, or suggestions!

For event notices, media, and community participation please visit our: 

How to prepare?
We would like to make this experience truly transformational, and yet, gentle, loving, and supporting of you!
Please check out the
HOW TO PREPARE GUIDE, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please reach out via email or through social media listed above!

Teaching Space

Emanuela and Hrvoje opened the doors of their stunning restaurant ZAGLAV to host our teachings, practices, and ceremonies, and provide food and drinks.

Zaglav 1.jpeg
Zaglav 2.jpeg

To start working with our amazing medicine, we have built a Medicine Wheel on a small peninsula just below Zaglav. The energies are calling us and working with us! Thank you, thank you, stone people!

Medicine Wheel Zaglav.jpg
Medicine Wheel Zaglav 2.jpg

Island of Griffon Vultures, Dolphins, wild, amazing beaches, villages build in stone and cliffs, great food and drinks, sheep, and soon, all of us!

Bjeloglavi Supovi.jpg
Bjeloglavi Sup u Letu.jpg
Oil House Martinscica.jpg
Team on Cres.jpg

Email us at for Q's

Goga and Emil offered to be our amazing hosts in their beautiful home VILLA GOGA as our accommodation and community gathering place. They also offered their restaurant on the beach where we can share in ceremony around the fire, rest, and simply be!

Villa Goga.jpg
View from Goga.jpg
Drink on the Beach.jpg

Villa Goga

View from Villa Goga

Restaurant on the beach

View from Restaurant on the Beach.jpg

View from the restaurant on the beach

Club Goga 2.jpg
Club Goga.jpg

Club Goga - Community Gathering Place

Accommodation Package with Villa Goga – 23 beds

  • EUR 25 per night

    • Apartment studio #1 bedroom – 3 beds

    • Apartment studio #2 bedroom – 3 beds

    • Apartment studio #3 bedroom – 2 beds

    • Apartment studio #4 bedroom – 3 beds

    • Apartment studio #5 bedroom – 3 beds

    • Apartment #6 has 3 bedrooms (2 w/4 beds, 1 w/1 bed) – 9 beds

  • If 2 people want to rent a 3 bed studio, the price remains $25 per person!



  • Goga and Emil at

  • When the beds fill up in Villa Goga, Goga will direct you to accommodation possibilities in village Miholascica.

  • Email us at for additional accommodation resources.



Email us at for Q's


You can fly into several airports in Croatia. 

If you fly to Zagreb you will need to rent a car, or take a bus to Cres, or a train to Rijeka and then boat or a bus to Cres. If you fly into Rijeka, or Mali Losinj, you will need to take a bus to Cres.

Please see below the info about buses, trains, and boats.


If you are driving, you will need to take one of the 2 ferry routes, depending where you are arriving from. Brestova - Porozina ferry is on the Northern side of the Island, and Valbiska - Merag on the Eastern side of the island. Both car rides from the ferry to Miholascica are BREATHTAKING!


If you are taking a bus from either Zagreb or Rijeka, please take the bus for Mali Losinj because Miholascica is a small village ab hour ride from town of Cres on the way to Mali Losinj. You will exit the bus at a crossroads of village called HRASTA, and we will pick you up! 


If you are coming from Zagreb and want to explore the beautiful train ride from Zagreb to Rijeka, here are some links to help you. When you arrive to Rijeka, you will take a short walk to the main harbor where you will catch the boat (catamaran) for Mali Losinj. You will get of the boat in the Village Martinscica, and we will pick you up!

Punta Tunjera Zalazak Sunca 2.jpg



  • We will have an opportunity to visit the local herbalists, Irena and Guerino.

  • They grow, harvest, and work with local, some of which are endemic herbs to produce essential oils and hydrolates, soaps, and other items for personal wellbeing.

  • Irena and Guerino have offered us a workshop to share their wisdom and experience.  

  • We will organize this workshop during the training for all interested.


Field of Forsithya.jpg
Helicrysum 2.jpg
White clover.jpg
Jasmin 2.jpg
Flowers in a wall.jpg
Olive Blossoms.jpg


We will have opportunities to organize boat rides to the local Blue Cave, beautiful beaches, including one just under the cliff village of Lubenice, and to smaller islands Visoki and Zeca. These events will be organized based on the participants' interest after the training.

Caves 2.jpg
Lubenice s mora.jpg
Lubenice s mora 2.jpg
Cave 6.jpg
Boat Ride 6.jpg
Boat Ride 3.jpg
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